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Random Dice Offline Tower Defense v5.5.0 Mod Apk (Enough gold coins, the more stars you use)

Offline Dice: Random Rush Royale is a tower defense game, where you have to use random dice as towers. Buy dice, merge them and crush your foes!

🎲 Dice in the game

There are 30 dice in the dice game, divided into 4 types:

— Attack Dice.

— Debuff Royal Dice.

— Buff&Road Dice.

— Money Dice.

We add new dice regularly.

You get an MP for killing enemies in the base defense. MP can be spent on improving certain dice or on buying new dice inside the tower games. You can fusion dice of the same type to improve. Their attack speed is significantly accelerated and the dice begins to do more damage to crush enemies.

The tricky part is the random dice system. When you merge dice you will receive other dice with equal probability.

In addition to tower dice, you can use 3 magic spells:

— Inferno 🔥 One-time damage over an area.

— Blizzard ❄️ Freezes enemies.

— Tornado 🌪 Deals multiple damages over an area.

🗺 50 PVE levels

The random dice game has 50 PVE levels. Each level is more challenging than the last. The level card is different from the one before it, as random dice as the dice are! You need to think carefully of which royal dice to fusion and when to level!

After completing a level, you will get coins, regardless of winning or not. You can use the coins to improve your dice, making them more powerful each time to compete in rush royale modes. It increases damage, attack speed, and special abilities of the radom dice card!

🎖Passive Enhancements

For completing a level, you can earn up to 3 stars. You can use the stars to buy permanent upgrades for your royal dice and spells.

Improvements are divided into 7 types:

— 4 types of random dice (Attack, Debuff, Buff&Road, Money Dice).

— And 3 magic (Tornado, Blizzard, Inferno).

For example, the passive skill will help you to receive 1 more dice after fusion.

💨 Different modes

There are several rush royale modes for your games:

— Standard mode, where you have a chance to receive new dice.

— Endless mode, where you can earn more coins for dice improvements.

— Escape mode, where your main aim is to complete 20 levels in 1 run and earn a lot.

Random Dice Offline Tower Defense v5.5.0 Mod Apk (Enough gold coins, the more stars you use)