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Clash of Mushroom v1.0.22 Mod Apk


“Clash of Mushroom” is a strategy game with mushrooms as the main character. You need to send mushroom soldiers to attack and occupy buildings to win. The player who has survived countless levels and survived to the end is the true winner!

Game Introduction:

On the battlefield, command your mushroom soldiers to try different lines of attack. At the same time, use different heroes cleverly to help you win. The game contains many different levels, and the way to pass these levels is also different. Use your ingenuity to complete the level smoothly. You can also get a lot of rewards to help you train soldiers and heroes when you complete the levels!

Game Features:

✔Exquisite game graphics and excellent concerts will bring you a comfortable gaming experience!

✔Different game skills can help you pass and complete the battle faster while reflecting your game intelligence!

✔You can easily understand the rules of the game, and blend into the game smoothly and quickly!

✔There are many heroes in the game, enjoy the game experience that different heroes bring to you!

✔Relax and enjoy your free time!


No need to watch ads to get rewards.

Clash of Mushroom v1.0.22 Mod Apk