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Shadow Knights : Idle RPG v30 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/ Diamonds/ Souls/ Rebirth Stones)

Enjoy a large-scale corps battle led by the shadow lord in an idle RPG game!

No matter how strong the enemy is, resurrect it as your own shadow soldier and become infinitely stronger!

◈ If you kill yesterday’s enemy with today’s ally, you can make your own shadow soldier! Defeat the enemy with dozens of shadow corps!

◈ An idle game dominated by one finger A must-have game for busy and busy modern people! Idle type system that gets stronger by itself!
You can become the best protagonist in fantasy easier and faster than others.

◈ Various contents If you acquire a shadow soldier, you can enter all dungeons together indefinitely!
Subdue the evil dragon dungeon and go on an adventure to the tower of endless trials!

◈ The best bout of my life with a combination of individuality, collecting numerous shadow soldiers and artifacts, and deploying your corps with your own strategy! Dozens of strategic plays are possible depending on the faction and skill combination!