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Scary Mansion: Horror Escape Game v1.061 Mod Apk (God Mode + Dumb Enemies)


Scary Mansion is an exciting thriller with complex riddles and a maniac’s sinister house. Remember all horror films about best serial killer Jason and Friday the 13th and feel like the main character of a scary story.

The evil genius Dr. Jason Crow found a new victim, the unlucky postman Freddy. Today you will try on his role and experience heartbreaking terror. Overcome your fear, hide, run, solve puzzles, defuse traps and finally escape from the house of violence and torture. The survival horror game has begun! Join the creepy quest and try to escape the room first.

Deadly silence and a dangerous murderer create an atmosphere of a true nightmare. Run from the psycho-killer and find your way out. Speed up and save yourself from the horror butcher! Ahead is a scary adventure escape from a maniac mansion. Pass the horror quest to the end and survive in this deadly fight. Be stealthy not to fall into the trap!!

Enjoy the components of classic horror. Transfer to the horror world and give yourself unforgettable impressions. Stay focused to unlock all floors and explorer different rooms. Get to the most sinister edges of the mansion and enjoy the scary game!

Experience all the horrors of the spooky game Scary Mansion:

– the scary story of the unlucky postman, an exciting slasher plot;

– chilling atmosphere;

– disgusting maniac psychopath;

– hide-and-seek with stealth elements;

– horror puzzle with tricky riddles;

– optimized gameplay and quality 3D animation;

– gloomy quest with mysterious locations.

Scary Mansion: Horror Escape Game v1.061 Mod Apk (God Mode + Dumb Enemies)