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Isle Builder: Click to Survive v0.3.4 Mod Apk

You had an accident and ended up on a desert island. To survive you will have to master skills such as mining, crafting, food extraction and building!

You must survive by all means and return home. It won’t be easy, so go ahead and good luck! Survival on the isle has begun.

Survival game features:

Desert Island – Great OpportunitiesExplore the area. It has everything you need to survive! You can find and collect rare resources. Mine wood, stone, ore to create tools and weapons, and build a house on the isle! Try to survive!

Improve mining, Crafting and Building skills
Survive games are not as easy as they seem. This game allows you to create and craft more complex resources for building objects.
Explore new tools in every possible way! Meet other survivors to help you improve your life on the isle.
It’s always faster and more fun to do something together.

Excellent pixelated 3D graphic survival seems more real than ever. Just imagine that you unexpectedly find an island with a giant forest jungle in the middle of the ocean.

Choose your survival strategy 
explore new lands in every possible way, now you are a real survivor. Build your own hideout on the island.Explore new places, craft tools, gather resources for construction. Building a house on an island in the ocean is no easy task! Do it now!

Construction and upgrade use 0 resources, no need to watch advertisements to get rewards.