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Cat Restaurant 2 v1.1.3 Mod Apk

Restaurant game simulation, build an animal forest restaurant with farmland, cooking and serving delicious meals for animals, Sell vegetables to animals. You need to learn kinds of recipes (like spaghetti, Hamburger, sandwich, Ice cream, cafe), you learn more recipes you get more money. With money, you buy a facility to build your own restaurant in this madness game.

With Cat Restaurant 2 you can own and grow a restaurant or the farmland of your dreams.
Decorate your shop as you wish, hire and train staff, decide on cookbook items and even set prices as you see fit

Growing vegetables in vegetable fields, Taking care of vegetable growth patiently, Waiting for the vegetables to mature and harvest, Picking vegetables and selling to animals.

Hone your interior design skills and do a total restaurant makeover.
In this cooking game, you can choose from numerous decor styles, position furniture as you wish, and make a restaurant totally yours by accentuating with elements that show your true self.

Practice your cooking techniques, practice your chef so that he can cook more recipes.In this game, animals like kinds of fifteen (Grizzly Bear favorite food is Meat bun, coffee and Zongzi. Lion favorite food is coffee, Zongzi, French fries and skewers. Fox likes rice ball, salad, hamburger and Coca Cola.), let chef learn as more as possible, cook the recipes as animal like, get coin and stars.

Promote your restaurant in the forest, let more animal come to eat, serve the animal as more as possible in game, you can get gold coins. Use advanced stoves to speed up cooking to find as many animal customers as possible.

In this game, there are many facilities available, diy your restaurant to your liking. Advanced facilities may bring you more evaluations and coins. Get more coin through Dessert Bar. Ger more star through beautiful curtains, wall decor. Plant makes your restaurant elegant, increase animals satisfaction of dining. There are also many interesting facilities in the restaurant, waiting for you to unlock.

Another important thing in this madness game is that, make your restaurant clean and tiny, don’t forget to clean your restaurant often, animal customers like the clean and tiny restaurant. If the restaurant is not cleaned for a long time, a lot of garbage will accumulate, and the animals will not come here to patronize it! Although the cooking recipes are delicious, a clean dining environment, It’s not just cooking that attracts animal customers.

When you have enough money, expand business essay, from your restaurant to your farm. Open up more scenes in the game and you will get a lot of surprises.

Madness features in this game:
– Hundreds of animal customers.
– Hundreds of color and flavor recipes.
– Hundreds of luxurious restaurant facilities.
– DIY your restaurant environment.
– Find customers through promotion.
– Cooking food for customers.
– Charge meals and tips.
– Unlock more madness game scenes.

The more gold coins you use, the more you use them.