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Re:Zero Lost in Memories v1.12.2 Mod Apk (Win immediately)

■ Full-scale RPG game! “Rezero” character is here!

■ Experience the new “Re: Zero” story with the original re-experience + IF story
In the IF story, a character different from the original appears, and you can enjoy route capture!
In the original story, discover the new charm of the character!

■ RPG battle full of powerful cutscenes
Reproduce the familiar skills in the original with high production expression!
In the original, non-combat characters can also be organized at a party!

■ Grow your favorite character to the strongest!
Sub-characters other than the main character, characters that were enemies, etc.
You can train your favorite character. Grow the strongest and advance the quest to your advantage!

■ “Re: Zero” production team gathered!
Has gained tremendous support from anime fans
“Re: Life in a Different World from Zero” The original author and anime-related

people participate in this work!

■ Characters and gorgeous voice actors appearing in “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero”