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D Cide Traumerei v1.3.2 Mod Apk

A command battle RPG that fuses spectacle and nostalgia!

Theme song: Tokyo Incident “View of Life”
A cross-media project with a TV anime that unfolds in Shibuya!

■ Fight against nightmares that erode in reality
Another world behind reality, Troimerai.
It is a world where people’s dreams are shaped.
The main character, Koken Rando, awakens as a “knocker-up” that fights nightmares.
He devotes himself to the battle with Weird, an evil variant that erodes from Troimerai.

■ The stage is “Yurashima” in the southeastern part of Tokyo.
It is an old story that once prospered as a tourist destination.
Yurajima where a relaxing time flows, unlike the city.
Nostalgic summer countryside scenery and
The horror of the bizarre incidents that occur there colors the story.

■ Communication with unique characters
18 characters have appeared.
If you take a walk around the island as the main character, you can enjoy talking with the characters.
The character story is released when you deepen the bond with the characters while enjoying life on the island.

■ Simple but profound command RPG!
A turn-based command battle where you become a knocker-up and use your skills to confront the Weird (enemy)!
Make full use of the deadly Astral Force and fight strategically!

Mod Menu
>Damage Multiplier
>Defense Multiplier