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Hoosegow: Prison Survival v1.2.23 Mod Apk


Prison has its own laws. One day you are a Big Shot, and the next day you are a sucker. Get authority points, and your status and the inmate's attitude will increase. Everything has consequences here, so weigh every decision.

At the beginning of the game, you get a randomly selected character, a crime and a prison sentence. Your task is to survive in prison. Are you ready? Then stock up on tins and antiseptic and go for it.

In this game you will find:

★ Hundreds of different situations.

★ Dozens of items affect the plot.

★ An infinite number of ways to pass.

★ Tons of humor.

★ A ranking and achievement system.

Live by the thief's laws, keep your shank with you and trust no one.


You can receive free currency without viewing ads.

Hoosegow: Prison Survival v1.2.23 Mod Apk