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Grim Face Clown v1.0 Mod Apk

Gary, Martin, and Fiona were three friends who were adventure freaks. Their thirst for adventure took them to many strange places. One fine night they were playing hide and seek and strangely Fiona vanished in the wind. Upon investigation, they found out that the masked man had taken her away. Locals of the town said that it was the Grim Face Clown who was stalking intelligent students so they can be kidnapped.
Who is the Grim-Faced Clown?
History reveals that an alien creature appeared near the town decades ago. After that horror incidents started to happen around the town. The creature is said to be a “ Grim Faced Clown “ who can hypnotize kids and take them away.
This was an unfortunate incident. However, The Creepy Clown did what he wanted to do, now it’s up to you to save the kid and foil the Clown’s evil plan. Take this mission as an adventure and let’s help Gary and Martin to find their friend Fiona. Grim Face Clown is an incredibly smart creature. The Evil Clown kidnaps kids and hides them in his scary old theater. You have to find a way to enter the theatre to find Fiona and discover the mystery behind the supernatural occurrences and set everything back to the way it was. Clown has spies all over the town so watch your back. Your objective is to get Fiona out of the creepy theatre by unlocking the door. You do this by avoiding Scary Clown while searching the house for keys and tools; if the Clown hears you, you have to run and hide. Puzzles and clues are hidden throughout your adventure. The theatre is a two-story building, with torn windows, chipped walls, and tons of mysteries to be solved. Are you Scared? The real adventure begins now!
You must take this horror adventure and save your friends.

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