World Evolution Among Us Clicker Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold / Diamonds)

This is one of the most relaxing yet addicting idle clicker games ever!

Colorful gameplay and cute funny characters of the World Evolution Clicker will make you escape from the hustle and bustle and immerse you in the world of human evolution: just merge two identical creatures and watch how evolution is happening on the planet.

In this universe there is more than one planet, there are 6 planets, and it is in your power to create human evolution on each of them. Start to evolve the world from a simple creature and animal to more perfect people.
Just relax and tap on characters, merge two similar creatures and create new animals and people.

Each character gives you the opportunity to earn coins. Tap tap on the character quickly and earn coins. The faster you tap, the more coins you earn!

Game features:

– Human evolution begins with the first planet
– Tap and open eggs to start to evolve creatures
– Merge two identical characters to create a new character
– Merge all the same animals to create homo sapiens
– Open all kinds of homo sapiens to create new kinds of super people
– Tap on animals and people and get coins that you can spend in the game
– Play “SPIN Master” and get boosters in the form of coins, crystals or characters
– Go through all the branches of evolution
– Collect a collection of all characters
– Unlock all planets
– Ability to play offline without internet connection

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