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My Town : Farm Life Animals Game Mod Apk (Unlocked paid characters)

My Town : Farm Life Animals Game Mod Apk

Feed the animals, Gather the eggs, Grow the bees and harvest the fields. My Town: Farm is all about you having fun in the countryside. With all-new characters, you’ll get to play in the Farmers House and Fields, discover the different activities at the barn and visit the farmers market.

Connected Game – This game connects to all My Town games

– 6 different locations to play around in at the farm.
– New characters to add to your My Town collection
– Save state, no matter what you do, when you come back your setup will remain
– New clothing, New foods, A Cat with an attitude, And lots of fun items to interact with
– Endless playability options and extremely long playing time
– Mix N Match machine that creates new items from the farm products you collected.
– Multi-touch feature – You can play together on the same screen.

Connected games allow you to move items and character seamlessly between them as if it was one big dollhouse game made out of smaller locations. Want to bring the witch of a quick visit to the farm? How about bringing the old farmer to your home at My Town: Home?

Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room. Younger kids will enjoy playing together with their parents while the older kids can play alone or with a friend using our new multitouch feature!