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Craft Pixel Hunter: Zombie Rise Mod Apk

Craft Pixel Hunter: Zombie Rise Mod Apk

An advanced zombie civilization is colonizing our City. Their devastating attacks destroyed millions of lives and wiped out most of the natural resources. With no other options, humanity must stand up and form a Hunter to shoot the Zombies down and protect the beloved prosperous world.

Hunters are heavily armed with advanced weapons to defeat all kinds of enemies. Humanity awaits a hunter who can lead them to win this epic battle. Are you that legendary commander? Are you ready to fight with us? Join the battle now!


▶ Explore many stages and locations with uniquely designed zombies.

▶ Unlock various hunters and skills.

▶ Increase your power with upgraded weapons.

▶ Immerse yourself in ultra stunning graphics and realistic animations.

▶ Easy to play, easy to control. You can play anywhere, anytime with just one finger.


Money and diamonds increase with spending.

Craft Pixel Hunter: Zombie Rise Mod Apk