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AOD – Awakening of Dragon Mod Apk (Dumb Monsters) + Obb

AOD – Awakening of Dragon Mod Apk (Dumb Monsters)

[New professional magic swordsman debut free full-time]

Blessed by the Holy Light, a new profession has emerged in Akasi. She is called the Magic Swordsman, has multiple displacements and high output, and controls magic and power at the same time. She is the incarnation of swiftness and a melee tyrant. All enemies locked by her will inevitably die in the shadows for the first time! There is also Dragon God’s Grace, and the new job transfer card allows the Destiny Lord to change jobs freely!

[Relics of the Holy War   ancient sacred outfits are now available]
Every ancient sacred battle is accompanied by the surging power of the gods. Now, with the opening of the door to the relics of the Holy War, the ancient sacred outfit reappears as Akath. After completing the tenth turn, the Destiny Lord can open the new system “Ancient Holy outfit” to increase the combat power and unlock the appearance of the holy outfit! Go, go to the ruins of the holy war, gather your own ancient sacred costumes, and let the fame of the Destiny resound in Akas!

[Full server vs. full server SVS world line-scale battle]
This land of freedom faces a major battle at dawn. Countless worlds have risen here, but more worlds have fallen here. The dripping blood has swallowed the continent of Akas. Full server VS full server. Ten thousand VS 10,000, the world VS the world, if you don’t want to succumb, take up arms and fight to the death! The game’s first “SVS World Line Scale Battle”, the shocking tens of thousands of fierce battles bring the most hearty experience, players must fight against several worlds in the name of the world!

[Purebred hybrids are freely matched with the strongest Dragonborn bloodline]
A torn world, blood and flames burning, ancient humans signed contracts with gods, established their own race, and unlocked unique bloodline skills! The game has a unique “create race” system, whether it is “pure blood” or “hybrid Dragonborn” can be freely decided, dragons, dwarves, elves, demigods, feather men…thousands of races in the “Akas Continent” “Co-exist, ㄧ match with the strongest Dragonborn bloodline!”

[Tuan hunting monsters   conceived thousands of dragon gods]
In the real ecological world, friends form hunting teams to fight huge monsters! The dragon represents absolute faith and power in “Akas Continent”. Legend has it that the proud dragon will never lower its noble head until the destiny holding the dragon soul sacred crystal appears in front of it…, the game has 1001 dragon gods are waiting for you to incubate, go to the dragon lair with your friends to grab the dragon eggs!