New Fantasy Jungle Adventure: Puzzle World Mod Apk (Instant Win)

New Fantasy Jungle Adventure: Puzzle World Mod Apk

Jessie is a brave girl and loves exciting adventure❤,

One day she heard👂 a story about a legendary fruit🍓 in the new fantasy jungle world.

The legendary fruit🍒 is very delicious and refreshing above anything else.

The most important is the legendary fruit is only one in the world.

Jessie immediately decided to conquer that deep jungle & find this legendary fruit👊!

❤💛💚Jessie’s waiting for a friend to find the legendary fruit with her❤💛💚.

Help Jessie get rid of the mission block quickly and move on to the next stage✈.

🎮How to play🎮:

Tap and move up and down👆, left or right to match 3 or more identical fruits🍍🍈🍇

Match as many identical fruits as possible to increase the bonus🎁

Use powerful hammers🔨 to solve fruit puzzles

Try to get 3 stars🌟 after finishing each level

New fantasy jungle adventure features:

–500+ jungle levels and we will keep adding👍

–With different challenging goals⛳ such as breaking ice and delivering portal keys

–Happy blast party time after goal completion

–Play and compete with your friends 👨👨👧👧

–Free to play on different devices any place any time⏰!

–Enjoy game fun with No-wifi! ✈ OFFLINE GAME✈

–Unlimited life for you to play unstop 👏

–Great for you to relax your brain and finger😊!

New Fantasy Jungle Adventure: Puzzle World Mod Apk (Instant Win)

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