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Last Kingdom: Defense Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/ Unlimited Diamonds)

Last Kingdom: Defense Mod Apk

Last Kingdom: Defense Mod Apk Defend your castle, the last castle left from an alien invasion!

3D Castle defense game!

Grow your castle with Mithril that you can get from the Aliens.
Upgrade your castle and deploy more army and Heroes.

Various Hero Combinations
Make your own team with various Heroes.
Attack your enemy with Varied combinations!

Your own Heroes
Grow your Heroes. Upgrade their rank and level. Your heroes will be stronger with powerful skills.

Reconstruct your Village
Rebuild the crumbled village and train your army.
Build your workshop get various war towers.

Conquer & Follow the storyline
Not only boring and repetitious defending
Conquer the world and follow the storyline.
We still have hope after all

With your Heroes, hunt legendary monsters all over the world.
Legendary Items and loots will make your heroes even stronger