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Rush Royale – Tower Defense v9.0.24639 Mod Apk

Rush Royale – Tower Defense Time for a Tower Defense like no other! In Rush Royale towers are replaced by mighty warriors and wizards!

Base defense games got serious… but are still are a lot of fun! Your heroes are the castle defense, the last and best hope against a rush of enemies. Watch them rain arrows and magic missiles in a valiant struggle at horde defense!

It’s a unique combination of a turret defense and a collectible card game! Just like random dice rolls decide the fate of battling armies, here you must depend on Lady Luck to win and prevail! Assemble a deck of the most powerful tower defense heroes!

It’s TD… but with a competitive twist! Rush against your best friends (or worst foes) – the first one to complete the castle defense wins! In a way, it is a real-time PvP defense – what few TD games have!

Protect your kingdom! Clash with mighty enemies and fearsome bosses unleash magic and steel upon your foes in battle! It’s one of the most fast-paced tower defense games… and it looks as cute as a merge game, too!

Use your turret defense resources wisely – like in good base defense games, the smartest general wins!

You can get free items without watching ads (for example, increasing the reward for a battle before it starts).