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Kharaboo Wars: Orcs assault Mod Apk

Kharaboo Wars: Orcs assault Mod Apk

Kharaboo Wars: Orcs assault Mod Apk Kharaboo Wars is a new strategy game around assaulting enemies bases and building your own one.

Pick the most powerful orcs to your team, demolish enemy bases. Deploy orcs in real-time tactic battle against other players! Defeat opponents and set traps for the attackers at your base. Grow the biggest Kharaboo and show it to everyone!

– Collect more than 20 unique troops and upgrade them
– Find different tactics and choose your own
– Enjoy orc stories in Story mode
– Experiment with deep base-setup system and find out your way to beat invaders
– Progress through Path to Kharaboo to grow biggest Kharaboo in the world
– Try 5 different commanders, each of them has unique gameplay
– Discover unique masteries with RPG-style commander progression system

MOD APK Features:
1. Menu
2. High DMG (for You and Enemy/Range Units prefer)
3. No Enemy/no Enemy Spawn
Activate no Enemy before Start and use range Units with DMG on and you win every Battle