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Code Reborn Mod Apk (8X ATK – /8 ENEMY ATK)

Code Reborn Mod Apk

The Taiwanese R&D team is the original game of the gods, and the “Day of the Son – Rebirth Code: Reborn” is a postmodern doomsday theme RPG.

[game features]
◆ Exquisite Japanese style, and use Live2D technology to interact with the characters and enhance!
Live2D is a texture film technology. Can make static character pictures like animations with various expressions and actions.
Players will see the wonderful performances of the Doomsday Son while watching the gorgeous performances in the game.

◆ Complete story world view, like a light novel, the main storyline and rich role spurs.
Describe how the protagonist and his partner will regain lost freedom and future in the anti- utopia world.
The total amount of text exceeds 600,000 words! Experience a fictional adventure story!

◆Go to Japan to invite well-known seiyuu to participate in dubbing, so that the role is more attractive!
Famous seiyuu such as Green River Light, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Sangdo Fako, and Higuchi Yuko are all involved in dubbing!
The seiyuu lively and vigorously perform, so that you can fully enjoy the feast of the beautiful sound while playing the game!

◆ Gorgeous special effects and smooth hits, you can master the whole game with one finger!
A fluent, full-fledged battle, and a show that shows the charm of the character.
Cooperate with the unique floating connection system to master the characters’ respective moves and hit the maximum damage.
And these brilliant operations can be easily achieved with just a finger click!

◆ Meet with powerful partners! And collect powerful equipment scattered around the end of the day!
In the face of powerful zombies and enemies with inconsistent interests.
As long as you have reliable partners and weapons in hand, you can open up your own future!
Meet them and become stronger!

[Introduction to the story]
The outbreak of a large-scale unknown plague undermined peace in the world.
Numerous zombies who are tireless and do not know the pain suddenly appear, and quickly captured the major cities.
In order to stabilize the authorities, local governments have cast the ultimate weapon of extinction.
It seems that everything will be closed.
However, the surviving zombies have become more ferocious monsters due to radiation.
The whole world is ruined, and human beings are facing the moment of survival…

You will wake up from a long sleep and be active in the world four years after the disaster.
Without any memory, there is only one sister and artificial medical leprechaun by your side.
You must survive and find the truth of the end with your partner.
Waiting for you, is it hope, or death?

On the other hand, to hope for self-restraint, to manage the last group of human leaders with norms and class systems: Leo.
What kind of intersection or conflict will you have with you?
Hold their own beliefs and goals, and finally win the laughter out of this catastrophe.
Which party will it be?