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My Sweet Puppy Love: Anime Girlfriend Game Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)

My Sweet Puppy Love: Anime Girlfriend Game Mod Apk


Your everyday life is upended when you are chosen to participate in a mystical gameshow, the outcome of which will decide the destiny of three girls you have never even met. Who will you choose to save?


Sena – The Unexpected Activist
Every day is a chance for Sena to have fun, until her favorite park is zoned for demolition. Can you help this bubbly, warm and funny girl beat a soulless corporation, or is there no space in this world for a happy-go-lucky pup?

Shoko – The Reserved Protector
After being forced out of her home, Shoko has come to cherish all the relationships in her life. Slow to make friends, but fiercely loyal, can you help her reconnect with those that mean the most to her?

Tama – The Budding Model
Typically shy, Tama has always followed along behind her friends—until a chance encounter with her idol leaves her seeking something grander. Can you help her take the first step onto the catwalk?