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Survival RPG 2 – The temple ruins adventure Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Survival RPG 2 – The temple ruins adventure Mod Apk

Survival RPG 2: The temple ruins is the sequel of the first game : Survival RPG – The lost treasure. It is a free classic survival exploration RPG game that combines adventure, quests, fantasy in a 2D retro style pixel art universe. All in one game!

On the first game, you were looking for a lost treasure, you ran aground and ended up on a deserted island. After many combats, items crafting and adventures, you finally found it and came back home with your ship and relaxed.

But shortly after, you were eager for new adventures. You heard rumors of a magical artifact that lies among the temple ruins. So you decide to embark on a new journey full of adventures.

In order to succeed, you will have to explore different environments, complete quests, solve puzzles, help other characters, gather items, craft multiple new ones and fight monsters.


– 7 story chapters that will bring you to the artifact.
– Exploration of more than 30 dungeons, caverns, jungles, temples and huts.
– More than 180 items to discover and craft
– Multiple quests and characters to help you in your journey.
– 70 crafting recipes that you will unlock during your adventure and exploration.
– Craft tools to help you
– Cut trees with an ax
– Use shovel for different tasks
– Create candles or lantern to see in dark caves
– Use pickaxes to gather different minerals
– And many more…
– Discover hidden items
– Find hidden treasures with treasure maps
– Fight more than 35 different monsters and bosses
– Multiple puzzles to solve
– Classic retro style