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Pentastorm for kakao (5v5) Mod Apk + Obb

Pentastorm for kakao (5v5) Mod Apk

★ Real-time 5v5 battle over mobile limitation!

– 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, Deathmatch, treasure contest and various real-time fighting mode!
– Anytime, anywhere, fast 5v5 real-time action!
– Mobile-optimized operation and delicate control support!
– Strategic team play with 3-way attack routes!

Pleasure to play a hero ★ perfect score!
– Tankers, warriors, archers, mages, assassins, supporters 6 jobs
– Differentiated skills and specialized roles of heroes with 6 jobs!
– Depending on your chosen hero, you experience a whole new battle every battle!

★ Providing fast fun growth!
– Growing and enjoying the battle in a short time
– Only 15 minutes! Let’s grow and feel the fun of battle!

★ Very easy and easy operation!
– Easy and simple operation and convenient UI for mobile
– Touch 1 to use the skill, equipment purchase, return, recovery
– AOS beginners can quickly learn how to operate and adapt games!

★ Various fighting modes without boredom!
– Various combat modes to enjoy through Quick Match
– Exciting [real-time war, ranking, treasure contest, random hero war]
– You can play various games according to your tendency!

★ Ranking system to stimulate competition!
– Competition of experienced players, ranking system
– Opportunity to test my true skills!
– Rewards can be obtained depending on the ranking!


1. MOD Menu
2. Map mod (Enemies always visible)
3. 60 FPS Mode (even if your device does not support it)
4. Drone View

– You have to choose the Maphack depending on your team. If you are in Team Blue choose Maphack for Team Blue. It needs to respawn of the enemy if you activate in the battle to take effect. You can activate already on the loading screen where you see your profile picture in a blue or red frame for instant effect.
– Do not keep drone view activated outside of battles, otherwise, you stuck at loading.
– This MOD does not work on Android 8 & 8.1.
– Ban risk can be high, you are warned.