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Garena Legend Duel – 5v5 MOBA Mod Apk + Obb

Garena Legend Duel – 5v5 MOBA Mod Apk

“Garena legend showdown” by Garena and Tencent days studio studio cooperation is developed for a Taiwan-wide MOBA enthusiasts to build the king-level tour. The game emphasizes the hero with, equipment selection, skill cast, take the operation, fair play, and has a delicate style and high quality game screen, coupled with built-in voice system to facilitate teammates at any time to communicate, is a can not play 5v5 fair group fight MOBA hand tour!

★ game features

[Eat soldiers, push the tower, demolition of the main castle]: on the next three push the tower, faithfully restore the classic play, show you the strength of the king of MOBA!

[Fair play, at any time to open the group]: the game does not sell VIP or any may affect the strength of the hero and the war victory or defeat items, enjoy the absolute fair battle environment, want to MOBA king do not need to spend a lot of money!

[Ten minutes a fast-paced battle]: an average of ten minutes of a MOBA regiment, whether you are in the MRT, bus, and even class space can control your hero war, grab the king of the king!

[A variety of models, rich play]: 5v5 regiment, open small group 3v3, 1v1 singled out, 5v5 random single, or challenge the king of the king, choose your hero kill it! Special play “Flying hook war” even more so that you can not stop with his teammates, non-play can not!

【Built-in voice, instant communication】: built-in voice system, group warfare when no longer typing, direct communication and instant replacement strategy!

[Unique heroes, exclusive skills]: dozens of heroes in the game are equipped with exquisite style and unique skills set, proficient in all the heroes to know ourselves, know yourself!


1. MOD Menu
2. Map mod (Enemies always visible)
3. 60 FPS Mode (even if your device does not support it)
4. Drone View

– You have to choose the Maphack depending on your team. If you are in Team Blue choose Maphack for Team Blue. It needs to respawn of the enemy if you activate in the battle to take effect. You can activate already on the loading screen where you see your profile picture in a blue or red frame for instant effect.
– Do not keep drone view activated outside of battles, otherwise, you stuck at loading.
– This MOD does not work on Android 8 & 8.1.
– Ban risk can be high, you are warned.