Eternal Hunter Mod Apk (Free purchases with real money)

Eternal Hunter Mod Apk

Eternal Hunter Mod Apk Hunters!

You are not [alone]. Breakthrough [500 dungeons] with your friends.
Resistin dungeons invaded by various monsters, defeat BOSS monsters, and get companions.
You can catch stronger BOSS monsters with a party consisting of various classes (3 people).

It is stronger if [3 characters] unite than 1 character!

1. Create a variety of strategies with a group of three.
-Strategic play is possible in the composition of [My Party] with various classes and skills such as archers, wizards, spearmen, and swordsmen.

2. Character acquisition is [free]
However, growth requires your [effort].

-Acquisition and growth of characters with various characteristics with the goods obtained from gameplay, and the formation of a party that is the key to strategy
-Certain skills increase [range] or [number of projectiles].
-Attack power can be maximized by strengthening the weapon, and the appearance of the weapon is changed every 5 stages of enhancement.
-Dozens of Guardian Stones allow you to configure your character’s characteristics in a wider variety
The Guardian Stone makes my character stronger, such as [Character Stat], [Skill Ability Enhancement], [Basic Ability], [Defense Ability]….

3. Dungeon attack is more fun with the time attack method.
-You have to catch monsters, BOSS monsters appear
Lookout. It can appear right next to you.
-A special dungeon gate in the dungeon opens at random
Lookout. Only giant monsters can appear. However, the reward is certain when it is broken.

4. Easy of the automatic skill casting system
-Skills of each class are automatically cast at each skill casting time
It relieves the burden of control.

Mod: Free purchases with real money

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