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Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash v1.10.10 Mod Apk (Unlock all songs/ Unlock all skins)

Beat Blader 3D Mod Apk Beat Blader 3D is an impressive rhythm game that provides you the best experience that no app can offer.🎶🎶🎶

Swipe left, right in a freestyle based on the position of the cubes and cut them. Fasten your speed as the more skillful you are, the harder it gets. 💪💪💪

1. Choose your favorite songs
2. Feel the rhythm
3. Pay attention to the direction on the cubes
4. Move to slash the beats with your saber as they come closer and avoid the obstacles


1. It’s FANTASTIC 💥You will definitely ❤❤❤ it because of:
– Attractive but simple design; various themes for different songs; impressive color.
– Easy to follow directions so that you can swipe wisely.
– Popular songs updated weekly, all are in the original version, tons of music genres such as Pop, EDM, Rock, Classic, etc
– Exclusive level design, there are 3 levels of each song for you to challenge your skills.
– Allow using both hands.
– Nice swipe as you cut the cubes, the more skillful you are, the better it looks.
– Catchy rhythm, generated carefully for better music experience.

2. It’s FUN 🤩
Beat Blader 3D is a useful game to
– Enhance your rhythm sense
– Boost cognitive skills and train brain
– Compete, other players,
– Kill time and relax
– Sing along with your favorite songs