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Ace Archer Mod Apk (Damage x20 / Defense x20)

Ace Archer Mod Apk

A story with spirits that can be enjoyed with barrage x neglect x RPG.
A simple shooter game with only touch and slide!

[Barrage shooting RPG]
A new sensation! Barrage shooting RPG, even beginners can enjoy
Let’s advance the stage with repeated hits!

[BIG status, exhilarating feeling that never stops! ]
Impact growth rate! BIG status gives you an unprecedented exhilaration!
A full-scale barrage shooting game where you can enjoy the thrill and pleasure of defeating enemies by hitting bullets in beautiful graphics.

[Leave it for 24 hours and enjoy it in a fully automatic battle! ]
Let’s grow your character by accumulating exps offline!
You can easily play even a small gap in the ode battle!

[Cultivate mythical spirits in the fantasy world! ]
Mythical spirits from all over the world will appear as boys, and as you progress through the story, your friends will fight together!
Infinite combinations & a wide variety of battle content
Let’s find the bond of fate and unravel the truth of the world!

[Popular voice actors appear one after another! ]
Jun Fukushima Rie Takahashi Yui Ogura Shizuka Ito Sumire Uesaka Lynn Jun Fukuyama Ayana Taketatsu Yoshimasa Hosoya Miku Ito Joji Nakata Ai Kuwahara Atsuko Tanaka Yoko Hikasa Ayane Sakura, etc.