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2048 Muug : Let’s Stir Tea Mod Apk (Free in-app purchase)

2048 Muug : Let’s Stir Tea Mod Apk

A cup of tea makes everything better!

What’s your favorite tea or coffee? There’s plenty of tea and coffee available at Mug!

Let’s stir the cup! You don’t need to put the kettle on. your tea is ready.
Sugar and tea ingredients are floating in the cup.
Two same shapes of tea ingredients are able to merge it.
If you continue to merge, you can see Bremen’s memories.

This is the story of women. You may have experienced or experienced this before.
Please listen to their story.

* A game stage consisting of various tea and blocks made of tea ingredients.
* 2048 puzzle game made of tea ingredients and sugar.
* Spoon and straw help the 2048 game more fun & easy!
* Numerous characters and stories that tell a variety of episodes.
* Whenever, wherever you can continue the game.
* Collect beautiful posters that can be used as mobile wallpaper.