Money Clicker – Business simulator and idle Mod Apk

Money Clicker – Business simulator and idle Mod Apk

In Money Clicker you can:

Buy real estate
Invest in real estate and earn cash from your tenants until you can buy world-famous skyscrapers!

Buy shares
If you are a risk taker, go to the stock exchange, buy shares and try your luck!

Establish you own business
Create your own business with thousands of employees! Set prizes, eliminate your competition, manage your research department, and run your own marketing campaigns!

Compare with other players
Compare online with your friends with the help of Google Play Games and earn achievements!

In Money Clicker you don’t have any limits!
What are you waiting for? The world is yours!

Money increases when buying improvements and bitcoins;
To unblock Money Clicker Gold and disable ads, open the side menu and click on the Information item (located at the very bottom of the list), then completely close the game and restart it. If you did everything correctly, the Money Clicker Gold button will disappear from the side menu.

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