CS PIPAS MULTIPLAYER Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

In this new game based on the CS Mod addon Volantines Kites of counter-strike.

CS PIPAS is an online multiplayer game, the goal of which a player can become number 1 in the world ranking in the kite competition.
In order to become the best pipero in the world, you must win several kite battles against other opponents nationally and internationally, who also compete to be the best.

In these battles each player must eliminate the opponent’s kite in order to obtain gold coins.
They allow you to buy better equipment, for example, buying kites with increased speed and lines with greater capacity to inflict damage.

* Real-time multiplayer.
You and your friends can get together to entertain the battles against other opponents, showing who is the best pipero of all.

* Local offline battles.
Play VS computer, to gain experience and participate Online against better prepared opponents.

* Personalize your kit.
Win battles so you can get gold coins and thus personalize your kit with kites and lines that you like.

CS PIPAS MULTIPLAYER Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

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