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Walking Zombie Shooter:Dead Shot Survival Mod Apk (GOD MODE/ 1 HIT/ NO ADS)

Walking Zombie Shooter:Dead Shot Survival Mod Apk
“Hello, anyone can hear me? I don’t know how many days have passed since the zombie apocalypse began. I’m running low on food, water, supplies……what I can do right now, have nobody can rely on, everyone turned…… The Street is filled with death, millions of them……If you hear this, please, help me……” But no one comes, you need to survive by yourself, you on your own now!

Save your own life in this exciting zombie shooting game! The creatures you face aren’t only brainless bodies, they are getting stronger, new abilities though time passing! To survive in this end world, you need to become a soldier with extraordinary courage and unmovable determination! There is always hope at the end of the road, even though you in grave danger!

ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!! No time left for you hesitating! Pick your guns and weapons up, and face them directly! Keep upgrading your weapons and equipment, and don’t forget the zombies are evolving as well, you cannot destroy them with a single pistol. Fortunately, a dozen different kinds of weapons will help you to survive in the battle between walking zombies.

In Walking Zombie Shooter FPS game, you will become a lone hero, fighting alone with yourself, guns and weapons are your only reliable friends, better weapons can save your life from waves of walking zombie, so shoot their brains out! On the other hand, you need to keep improving your abilities, the stronger you are, the longer you stand, and you will be saved eventually!


•The best zombie apocalypse FPS game
•Survive in fast-paced gunfire and waves of zombie
•Zombies got different abilities, against them with multiple strategies
•Feeling a true hopeless zombie world
•Multiple weapons, life-saver helmet and body armors. Build your survival team
•The end of the world doesn’t have internet! Total offline survival game!

“Hello, this is the walking zombie shooter. Do you need any help? The zombies on the street are cleaned, tell me your location and holding on I will be on the way to you!” Never give up in the Walking Zombie Shooter, become the savior or eaten by zombies!

Walking Zombie Shooter:Dead Shot Survival Mod Apk (GOD MODE/ 1 HIT/ NO ADS)