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The God of High School Mod Apk (God Mode/ Enemy have 1 HP)

The God of High School Mod Apk
God of High School (GOD OF HIGHSCHOOL) Original Naver webtoon.
5 characters into one deck, depending on the content
It is a collectible RPG game where you conceive and play strategy.

▣ Features
■ 100% paid cash paid when reaching the character MAX level!
-An idle game that can become a ranker with no charge

■ Massive battle PVP! 30 vs 30
-A total of 180 team decks and 2800 characters
Large-scale guild vs guild battles is in progress.

■ Character creation system
-Highest grade (★7) by synthesizing normal grade characters
You can acquire a character.
-Easily acquire the main characters and main characters of the original webtoon
You can feel the true fun of a collectible RPG game.

■ Matching & Relationship System
-5 attributes for each content through the correlation between combinations
It is fun to formulate strategies and tactics.
-Various buff effects based on the original scenario
Build a team deck.

■ Evolution, Transcendence, Reincarnation, Reinforcement Growth System
-By nurturing the collected characters in various ways
You can make your character completely different.

■ Various Raid, PVE contents
-Guild vs Guild, Raid Boss Competition
-Attack 5 types of raid bosses and acquire exclusive equipment!

The God of High School Mod Apk (God Mode/ Enemy have 1 HP)