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Sacred Blade Mod Apk (Unlimited move/ skills)

Sacred Blade Mod Apk
Sacred Blade Mod Apk Easy-to-operate RPG that connects by tracing “Sacred Blade”
Join forces with your friends to save the world from the threat of darkness!

▼The basic rules for saving are very easy!
Trace and attack enemies and allies of the same color attribute to attack!
Let’s defeat the approaching enemy!

▼Chain activates if you connect a lot!
Additional attacks when the chain is activated! ? The more you connect, the stronger it gets!

▼How to connect and skills vary depending on units and jobs!
Let’s strike a powerful attack on the enemy with a unique fighting method for each unit!
Let’s gather a lot of friends with quests and gachas and form your own strongest party!

▼ Challenge powerful raid bosses with your friends!
Raid boss appears as the story progresses!
Cooperate with your friends and confront the super-powerful bosses!

Sacred Blade Mod Apk (Unlimited move/ skills)