Raziel Mod Apk (Increase damage / Improve defense) + Obb

Raziel Mod Apk
▣ Game Introduction
The story of the game begins in a fantasy world full of tragedy, where undead races deal enormous damage to the human kingdom and devastately destroy it. As a hero of different professions, the user must complete various quests, such as searching, hunting, defending, and finding special items, to lead the army and people of the human kingdom and defend the last hope,’Castle of Existence’.

■ Exploring the extreme dark world through 3A-class graphics
Every chapter stage adds a comic book illustration, making it easier to understand the story progression!
Conquer the game world with graphic overlays and also upgrade your battle scenes and hitting!

■ A unique battle through character swap
A hero selection with a wealth of options and an original dual hero change system!
Experience the “one-com” pleasure of action games & realistic hunting pleasure!

■ Free character distribution and character growth
Extensive character system and skill combination outside the designated tree!
Cultivate your own character with a combination of over 100 traits, skills and equipment!

■ Personalize your appearance and attributes with vast equipment items
Another skill style with a variety of fun that changes depending on the equipment set!
Enjoy the depth and freedom of character development with a vast system of equipment items!

■ Party Dungeon, Elite BOSS hunting
Dungeon applied with infinite map mode and fog system!
Feel the tension of the elite boss showdown with party play!

■ Minimum and recommended specifications
Minimum specification: Android 5.0 or higher
Recommended specification: Android 7.0 or higher
Optimization work is being carried out steadily depending on the type of mobile phone, but it is recommended to use the app player if you are using a lower model.

■ Access Rights Guide
When using the application, we are requesting access to provide the following services.

Raziel Mod Apk (Increase damage / Improve defense)

Raziel Obb

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