Military Commando Shooter 3D Mod Apk + Obb

Military Commando Shooter 3D Mod Apk
Tired of First Person shooting games that do not fulfill your desires. Poor graphics and lagging issues in the game never give the proper taste. This is why we have made this advance military shooting game to enhance your shooting skills.
Military Commando Shooter 3D a complete war game that challenges you in every move you will make. There are multiple levels in this game which are definitely not a child’s play. The graphics are very much smooth and the game will not lag certainly.
You will be the First person commando in this one. Your mission will be to strike the enemy military bases. First, destroy their front line attack. Kill all the enemy soldiers before they hit you back. There will be the threat of getting gunned down in each move you make here. There will be different territories in which you will sneak through to complete your mission in each stage.
You will be provided with a briefing about your mission first. There will be advanced weapons provided to you for each mission. You will be leading the Bravo battalion. Make sure that you and your soldiers do not get a bullet.
These military games are quite fun. There is always an element of revenge in them. The moment you will enter the war zone here, you will forget every other thing. We have done a lot of work on the graphics and smooth gameplay for the users.
This will be a thrilling experience for you. This is not your everyday shooting game. This is a whole new level of modern warfare. Your enemies will make advance moves and you have to intercept their every call. Remember they too will be equipped with powerful weapons. This will surely entice you more towards this game.
All the details have been embedded into the main menu. You will find all the help from the opening and pause menu. Life will be a nightmare for you when you are into this one. Guns, grenades, bullets, and much more is waiting for you. Are you ready Soldier?

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Military Commando Shooter 3D Mod Apk + Obb

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