Simple Kingdom Mod Apk (Free shopping for real money)

 Simple Kingdom Mod Apk
You can build a great kingdom and decide the fate of its citizens in this unique game mix of a city builder and RPG!

Gather different resources and enjoy multiple scenario environments.
Free building in a large environment with more than a hundred different constructions to unlock and choose from, no grids os selected positions!
Fight the invaders and monsters to protect the kingdom and defeat dozens of different types of enemies, including mighty bosses, loot them to get awesome rewards!
Unlock, recruit, and level up dozens of different characters.
Collect more than 1000 gear items to equip your citizens with.
Get and ride 20 types of fantastic mounts.
Use all sorts of powerful spells and build war machines.
Craft potions, beer or grow mushrooms.
Pray to the gods and get their favor.
Day-Night cycle.
Random events and awesome rewards!

Simple Kingdom Mod Apk (Free shopping for real money)

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