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Random Merge Defense Mod Apk (Free Upgrade)

Random Merge Defense Mod Apk
Random Merge Defense Mod Apk
 [Game Features]
It will be operated automatically by adding and mixing the units!
Simple, Addictive The “Random Merge Defense”

* Various Units and 6 kinds of classes!
* 15 types of different types of equipment’ set effects
* You can exercise various maps and your own limitation on the infinite mode!
* More upgrade, More Rewards! The Village system!

[Game Methods]
1. Merge the units to make high-rank units!
– Combats can generate energies, You can add units by using that.
– If you merge conspecific units, It will be the high-rank unit.

2. Obtain various equipment and merge that!
– You can acquire high-grade equipment through the merger.
– The set effect of equipment can make your units more powerful.

3. Collect diverse treasures!
– Treasures have each effect. Collect that and Try the higher difficulty.
– It will be reinforced by obtaining the same one.

Random Merge Defense Mod Apk (Free Upgrade)