Money Buster Mod Apk (Get resources without ads)

Money Buster Mod Apk
You can do everything with money you ever wanted to in Money Buster. There are tens of mini-games to master in small tasks. Playing Money Buster, you can detect fake money, shred counterfeit paper banknotes, iron wrinkled bills or even set a flame piles of cash.

Mini-games are easy to play, highly satisfying and relaxing but hard to master. If you love ASMR stuff, Money Buster will help you to master mindfulness & satisfaction.

A few examples of mini-games:
– Test your brain to match the face down money cards.
– Sort right color banknote in the right stack.
– Slice sheets of paper to produce fresh capital.
– Merge stack of cash to multiply the amount.
– Find fake and faulty paper notes to destroy.

Enjoy playing!

Money Buster Mod Apk (Get resources without ads)

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