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Food Diary: Cooking City & Restaurant Mod Apk (A lot of currency)

Become the kitchen Masterchef 👨‍🍳 of the 2020 food games you always wanted to be! Play this new 2020 addictive time management game ⏱ that will bring you the best digital cooking in the city!

Food Diary: Cooking City & Restaurant Mod Apk
When the cooking fever catches you, you will get into a real cooking city! Can’t get enough of cooking games 2020? 🎮 Then this new casual cooking game for you! You’ll be serving delicious dishes 🥞 to hungry customers in amazing restaurants 🏪 all over the world 🌍. No challenge that can’t be beaten by you. Let the Cooking Madness begin in the city of cooking, restaurants, and food!

Get into the cooking city! and manage your Restaurants

We welcome you to this FREE COOKING GAME 2020
➡️ From bakeries to burger joints, to five-star restaurants – cook and serve and unleash the food games!🍗
➡️ Equip your chef with different kitchen equipment to cook for customers in the city of cooking 🍳
➡️ Upgrade your kitchen, cook new dishes and tasty meals
➡️ Cook for your customers and make them happy to become a famous restaurant chef!
➡️ Play daily and unlock the city of fancy new restaurants and levels for this casual game
➡️ Explore unique meals, create new fancy dishes so customers will go crazy in your cooking city!.

Great Features & Casual Gameplay of Cooking

Cook and serve with time management
➡️ TAP and PLAY! Serve customers with easy control in this food game! 🍽
➡️ Solve special time management challenges
➡️ Play this food game offline, without an internet connection needed!
➡️Casual cooking game with the city of cooking & strategy elements
➡️Prove your skill in more than 1500 levels
➡️ Utilize a variety of time management skills as you create a restaurant empire!
➡️ Win achievements by completing combos, cook perfect meals & earning big tips. 🍩

Tasty Meals from all around the City

Play in cooking city and serve as fast as you can
➡️ Conquer the food scene around the world in 1500+ fancy levels 🍚🍜🍲
➡️ Satisfy exotic meals and dishes with unique cuisine from all over the world 🍱
➡️ Prepare meals in every town of the world in this casual cooking game
➡️ Create new restaurants in all different countries such as the USA, Canada, Brasil, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, China or Japan
➡️ Make hundreds of dishes including burger 🍔, pizza 🍕, sandwich 🥪, and more…
➡️ Create great meals like Hamburgers, French Fries, Pizzas, Vegan Food, Vegetarian Food, or Steak!

Food Diary: Cooking City & Restaurant Mod Apk (A lot of currency)