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Flying Battle Mod Apk (The free ads to get rewards)

Flying Battle Mod Apk
An exciting and addictive battle game with brand new gameplay! Heroes are easily controlled by joypad while building up momentum to headhunt rivals!

Players can experience extreme combat and chaos in the sky while fighting for the top ranks.

* Drifting Around, Fighting Endlessly

During the battle, all the characters will naturally go down by the force of gravity, allowing the players to experience space styled combat. The Hero’s movement is affected by the momentum making this game easy to play hard to master. Remember, the key is to Hit the opponent head with your sword!

* Tons of Heroes, All at Your Service

There are nine hero characters in the game—Samurais, Assassins, Ninjas, Boxers and more, each with its own unique strengths. Each hero has two exclusive skills. Players can upgrade the skills of each hero, select heroes to counter opponents and battle for the final victory.

* Multiple Modes, Multiple Fun

There are single combat and multiple player modes. Players can experience stage mode and survival mode with over 400 levels for solo – battle. You can also fight with their friends in ranking matches and VS mode where you will be auto-matched with other battle teams!

* Power Upgrade, Strategic Deployment

Players can upgrade parts of the heroes by collecting materials to enhance fighting power. This will allow each hero to play his advantages fully. Allocating the right resources to the heroes and achieve the strongest combat effect will entirely depend on the player’s strategic wisdom!