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Final Gear Mod Apk + Obb

Final Gear Mod Apk
Final Gear Mod Apk Breathtaking [Mecha Battle], super free [DIY Mecha Assembly], multi-professional [girl pilot training], dynamic [real-time strategic map], [base car management] to build a steel tank, Japan’s super first-line [luxury Painter/Seiyu Lineup], there are more [Fanzhong Exclusive War Ji] cute attack! The journey of the strongest mecha and girl pilot is just about to begin!

Game features:
[High degree of freedom mecha assembly] Through “level drop” and “development”, get nearly 500 kinds of mecha parts, free assembly of your strongest mecha.
[Cool Exclusive Mecha Set] “White Crow”, “Wandering Samurai”, “Cerberus”, “Swift” and “Desert Star”… Collect exclusive personalized mecha sets to start powerful combat and cool appearance!
[Professional Japanese painter fencing] dedicated to creating [hundreds of beautiful girls] Each war girl has a unique personality and ability, dynamic standing painting, smooth and dynamic character modeling, and full character voice configuration.
[Ultra-luxury seiyuu lineup] Tomatsu Haruka, Umiya Tensui, Takada Risa, Ayano Yabu, Iguchi Yuka… and many other popular seiyuu voiced their voices to bring the best quality sound performance!
[Cool Mech Combat] “Fighting”, “Guardian”, “Sniper”, “Blasting”…A variety of special weapons and skills, free to assemble the strongest mecha, free to control the battle!
[Base car nutrition] You can build various rooms such as dormitory, observation room, hangar, and research and development room. Each room has different resources and function bonuses. You can freely transform the base to operate and create an exclusive multi-functional base chariot!
[Real-time strategic dynamic map] According to the terrain, enemy lineups, mission objectives, freely deploy multiple tactical teams to flexibly command the young girls to break through the enemy formation in real-time combat!
[Animated rich story] Magnificent world layout, rich main story and detailed world view settings. In addition, it can also unlock the independent personal storyline of each girl war Ji, giving players a huge level of animation.
[Traditional Chinese exclusive war heroes] The heroine of “The Goddess of Ximending” “Ming War Records” [Lin Mo Niang], the popular character in the Internet-the broken girl [Ya Lai·Bei Da] joined the war, more mysterious traditional Chinese exclusive war heroes will soon appear ! Hurry up with them on the adventure of the last generation!


Damage Multiplier – Line 1
Defense Multiplier – Line 2

Final Gear Mod Apk + Obb