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Fantasy League: Turn-based RPG strategy Mod Apk + Obb

Fantasy League: Turn-based RPG strategy Mod Apk
Fantasy League: Turn-based RPG strategy Mod Apk Six Guardians are summoned down to the Land of Gaia with one mission: to conquer all 6 Lords of Gaia, bringing peace back to all creatures. Together they make a fantastic adventure. May their destiny come to glory?

“My Prince, OPEN YOUR EYES”.

● Real-time Turn-based RPG!
Experience battles with real-time actions and turn-based decisions.
Try your best strategy and earn victory rewards.

● Real-time ONLINE PvP Arena!
Battle against players from all around the world in real-time.
Challenge your strength and prove your strategies!

● A Fantastic Adventure Story
An epic for the ancient age.
We invite you to the Land of Gaia.

● An Open-World Campaign!
There are many ways to start your journey.
Choose your own path and follow it to glory.
Fight against all the darkness ahead and be rewarded with treasures.

● Adventure with Team!
Recruit your Epic Heroes from all 6 kingdoms.
Form up to fight out against Lords & Dragons.

● Best 2D Animations
Dazzling skill animations in battle!
Top-quality 2D graphics!

● Guild Up and Conquer!
Gather all the best players around the world and form into a Guild!
Make your Guild become stronger through Guild Wars & Guild Evolution!

● World Boss Challenge!
Rank your power by defeating the Ultimate Ghost!
Compete with all players around the world to claim the best price!

– [ Freeze Resources ] –
– Gems
– Gold
– Rainbow Gems
– XP Points
– Every Currency – [ Everything Thing In The Game ]

– [ Gain Resources Over Time ] –
– Gems – [ 1 – 5000 ]
– Gold – [ 1 – 300,000 ]
– Rainbow Gems – [ 1 – 5000 ]
– XP Points – [ 1 – 300,000 ]

Fantasy League: Turn-based RPG strategy Mod Apk + Obb