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Endurance: space RPG/action Mod Apk

Endurance: space RPG/action Mod Apk
Endurance: space RPG/action Mod Apk Looking for new immersive action-adventure games with story?
Do you want to enjoy dungeon crawler style space shooting battles against hard and versatile enemies?

Enroll in the super thrilling sci-fi shooting in Endurance – an action-packed and ultra-exciting story-driven adventure action shooting game. This prequel of Ailment (another popular story-driven adventure) is also filled with what you absolutely love when playing action space shooters:

*Powerful guns
*Hordes of dangerous enemies
*Huge variety of levels
*Super intense game-play
*Exquisite retro pixel art graphics

All this comes with horror ambiance and sci-fi movie references specially made for all sci-fi aficionados!

Dive into dramatic surroundings and get those inspiring old-school vibes from our exquisite pixel-art shooter. Enjoy the most action-filled & adrenaline-pumping space shooters of 2020.

The story takes you to events that had happened before the original game – Ailment. The main character and his friend are on a journey through the whole laboratory spaceship – Endurance. Their goal is to find out how the disease that made crew members go insane appeared on the spaceship and how it spread out.

But it will not be easy, the disease was spread out from deadly enemies that want to keep it a secret and kill everyone. Meaning you need to fight the enemies to get your answer, but also rescue other crew members who got into trouble. With the amazing variety in the game mechanics, and well-thought and versatile enemies, believe us – it’s going to be pretty hardcore and addictive! Especially since there are brutal bosses that can destroy you quickly which adds amazing competitiveness making it hard to stop playing.

* Tons of different weapon
* Variable game-play mechanics
* Brutal animations
* Atmospheric sound effects
* Ability to bring NPCs with you
* Liveable and talkative characters
* Good humor
* Hard-core game-play
* Simple controls
* Immersive boss fights

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Endurance: space RPG/action Mod Apk