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Code Atma: Indonesian Horror Idle RPG Mod Apk

Code Atma: Indonesian Horror Idle RPG Mod Apk [Feel the thrill of playing RPG wherever and whenever!]

CODE ATMA is an RPG genre game with an IDLE mechanism. You can play ATMA CODE anywhere and anytime, without taking up your time! As you work on your daily activities, the Atma troops will fight and collect rewards for you.

[Gameplay and visual novel stories with thick horror themes]

CODE ATMA is inspired by the magic of fairy tales and the horror stories of the archipelago. Be the first to feel the excitement! Explore traces of astral beings to help you unravel the mystery of Atma!

[Collect, train and strengthen your ATMA to fight for the Mystical War]

The ATMAs need your guidance to become stronger to fight in the Mystical War. A collection of 100 ++ ATMA with unique and attractive designs inspired by a fairytale and folklore of the archipelago Train your Atma so you can survive the maze and puzzle-filled tower.

[Set the strategy to defeat the enemy]

Arrange strategies by building combos between Atma and arranging your Atma collection formations from 6 different elements. Install the best equipment, show your skills, and be the winner.

[Get ready to accept the worst fate and solve the mysterious case that is before you]

The arrival of death is always marked by the presence of fireflies. Are your guts enough to reveal the secrets and mysteries of death?

Upgrade Atma to gain the needed Currency (Money/XP)

Code Atma: Indonesian Horror Idle RPG Mod Apk