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Beat Saber ! – Rhythm Game Mod Apk

Beat Saber ! – Rhythm Game Mod Apk
Beat Saber ! – Rhythm Game Mod Apk Brand new music rhythm game — Beat Saber! , easy to play, challenge your sense of music rhythm
Massive songs, continuously updated, there are always songs you like, 3D graphics, cool and exciting, and the charm of music

How to play
Select a song you like and click to start
With dynamic music, press and hold the screen to move the villain left and right, and use the lightsaber in the villain’s hand to cut the speeding blocks! At the same time, avoid all obstacles ~
Try to cut more and get more scores!

Game Features
Easy to play
Many songs, constantly updated
3D graphics, cool and exciting

Come on and become the master of rhythm!

A VIP subscription has been purchased, which opens all the songs and gives endless energy.

Beat Saber ! – Rhythm Game Mod Apk