Theme Park Island Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems/ Coins)

Theme Park Island is a simulation game, combining amusement park management with money investment so YOU can earn money and become the world’s #1 famous adventure park tycoon! Build roller coasters, water slides, rocket ships, water parks, funfairs, Ferris wheels and become the best tycoon the Earth has ever seen!

FEATURES OF Theme Park Island:
◯ Earn idle cash and rake in money: Continue earning money even when you’re offline!
◯ Automate the workflow of your amusement theme park and multiply your idle profits: You don’t need to keep tapping like an online casual clicker simulator!
◯ Hire managers to increase levels of FUN at your amusement park!
◯ Profit from investments in your roller coasters, Ferris wheels, water slides, and rocket ships! Win gigantic rewards and become the richest millionaire!
Theme Park Island Mod Apk
◯ Every manager has a unique ability: From increasing the productivity of roller coasters to expanding the seating on Ferris wheels!
◯ Climb the charts by using prestige and travel through colorful levels: Build up your adventure park simulator and become a millionaire tycoon!
◯ Oversee a whole franchise of adventure parks like a real boss: Become the #1 roller coaster tycoon millionaire by being the best manager in this theme park simulator!
◯ Collect decorations for your adventure park – show off your achievements with colorful signs!
◯ Flaunt your millions on the leaderboard in this theme park management simulator!
◯ No Internet connection needed: Make millions online or offline!
◯ Climb the rankings and become the richest Theme Park Island tycoon in this offline theme park simulator!

Theme Park Island Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems/ Coins)

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