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Stick Fight : Dragon Legends Mod Apk (auto win)

Stick Fight : Dragon Legends Mod Apk ◎◎◎ The Tournament of Power to be Held! Hurry up to join and fight for your life and glory!

◎◎◎ What if Goku + Zeno (Fused with Potara) fight Jiren + Goku (Fused with Fusion Dance)? Who can win? Who is the most powerful SuperHero?

◎◎◎ In this game, you will love new form fused by Goku, Jiren, Zeno, or Vegeta … and try to defeat the most powerful boss: Gogeta fused with Zeno Omni.

◎◎◎ Discover DB Stickman Warriors legends, martial arts, ultimate skills, and nonstop one-on-one combats. Becoming stronger, faster, deadlier, and compete against dangerous villains! Join the battle with your favorite manga characters and fighting across the anime like a Stickman Warriors.

– Starting Character Pack, including some main warriors reliving your youth days.
– Upgrade and unlock more unique SuperHero ( Rank one star to five stars).
– Transform 3 levels of hero: SSJ to SSGod and Ultra instinct.
– Much perfect skills: Hakai, Hameha Kame, Dragon Recall, Spirit Ball, Solar Flare, Final Flash, Big Bang Attack, Dragon Fist, Ball Power collect and unlock with great effect.
– Equip unique items to power up.
– Level up your character to become an Ultra Instinct Stickman Warriors.
Stick Fight : Dragon Legends Mod Apk

◎◎◎ Game modes:
– Arena Mod: Face your favorite opponent head-on in a one-on-one battle. The winner will be decided after defeat 8 enemies in one battle.
– Campaign mode: Surround by many villains, you will try to beat’em up to become The
SuperHero killer.
– Story Mode: 9 maps, 15 levels from easy to difficult levels, unique bosses. Oh yeah, the bosses are more dangerous later, too!
– Team mode: Combine the four most powerful SuperHero to destroy every evil team in the 4vs4 competition battle.
– Survival Mode: Fighting alone with all enemies, taking down each enemy, surviving to the end to become the most powerful Stickman Warriors.

◎ More strength enhancement included, with rewards!
◎ Intense fights among deadly fighter, using assassination skills.
◎ The higher result, the better rewards after each level.
◎ More SuperHero, more Friends, more Fun!

Stick Fight : Dragon Legends Mod Apk (auto win)