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Starlight Runner Mod Apk (Get a lot of currency after modifying the tutorial)

Starlight Runner Mod Apk
Starlight Runner will put your reflexes to the test in a ruthless spatial universe! In this infinite runner, speed and agility will be your best allies to dodge numerous enemies who will stand in your way and survive in this infinite runner. Upgrade your ships, drive as far as possible, and challenge the world’s best pilots online.


★ Infinite races
★ Futuristic, minimalist, neat graphics
★ 4 difficulty modes
★ 9 ships & 5 bonus to be unlocked and improved
★ Nervous and immersive controls with the gyroscopic technology
★ An infinity of increasingly difficult challenges
★ Rank against players from all around the world


Starlight Runner lets you slip into the skin of a fast and nervous spaceship pilot. Drive-in an unpredictable environment with increasingly complex obstacles to dodge. Enjoy total immersion with the gyroscopic technology, and the driving comfort of your spaceship. As you play you unlock more powerful spaceships, as well as bonuses, difficulty modes, and the more your play the more you develop reflexes to take you even further in the race!


★ The further you go, the more points you score
★ Graze enemies to get more points
★ Don’t brake too much or the Deadzone will get you
★ Coins allow you to buy challenges as well as bonus or ships, so collect as many as possible and use them wisely
★ Don’t forget to enable the online mode to compete against players worldwide
★ And above all, pay attention to obstacles…

Starlight Runner Mod Apk (Get a lot of currency after modifying the tutorial)