ShooMachi Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/ High HP/ Weak Enemy)

Is It Wrong to Try to Strike a Bonanza by a Shoot ’em up game?
Retro JRPG style Bullet hell Shoot’em up game ShooMachi

Once upon a time, there was a lazy brave.
The brave seems to be bothered always.
One day, many monsters appeared.
The brave attacked the monsters in a crisis.
“What’s happened? When I attacked monsters, money comes out!?”
The brave attacked the monsters as if it were possessed.
Now, you can strike a bonanza!
ShooMachi Mod Apk

– Touch and slide for moving character.
– Character attacks while you touch the screen.
– Power gauge will grow up when you killed monsters.
– Double-tap quickly or two-finger taps for power up when power gauge is full.
– After power-up, the character will be invincible while blinking.
– In easy mode, the power-up will be activated automatically just before receiving damage.
– XP potions that increase XP bonus when you clear stage, will be given by watching AdMovie. (Max 5)
– If you treat the developer to a meal, AdBanner will be removed and infinite XP potions will be given in return.

ShooMachi Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/ High HP/ Weak Enemy)

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