Phoenix Rangers: Puzzle RPG Mod Apk + Obb

Phoenix Rangers: Puzzle RPG Mod Apk
Phoenix Rangers puts you in charge of a fearsome team of powerful monsters. Build the perfect team and embark on a monster-collecting puzzle-solving adventure through different locales, defeating waves of enemies along the way. Each monster has a special skill – power up your monsters by matching gems, then unleash their special abilities for a devastating attack!

– Match gems to power up your monsters and attack enemies.
– Tap monsters to unleash powerful special abilities.
– Exploit enemy weaknesses with elemental attacks.
– Take out waves of foes and defeat extra tough bosses.
– Embark on an epic adventure in the campaign.
– Level up your monsters and strengthen your team.
– Build the perfect crew of monsters to crush your opponents!

1. MENU (activate storage+Overlay Permission)
2. 1 Hit Kill

Phoenix Rangers: Puzzle RPG Mod Apk + Obb

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