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ORC: Vengeance – Wicked Dungeon Crawler Mod Apk

Step into the over-sized boots of Rok, an orc war chief whose people have been taken and made to serve a wicked would-be world conqueror. Smash skulls, bash bats, and mash mages as you advance your revenge-fueled mission: to take down the Dark Lord’s army, piece by piece.

Follow the sweeping story of revenge and uncover the long-lost books of the ancients to find out the real origins of your enemy. Enjoy the classic action-RPG gameplay and stylish 3D graphics in on a quest with hours of action and adventure.

***Supports MFi, XBox, and PlayStation Controllers***

– An Epic Action-RPG: Classic hack-and-slash gameplay bursting with great loot!

– Incredible Gear: Find or buy an assortment razor-sharp swords, bone-crushing war hammers, lethal axes, stalwart shields, and more!

– Awesome Skills: Wield magic, use advanced melee techniques, and summon devastating earthquakes to take down your foes!
ORC: Vengeance – Wicked Dungeon Crawler Mod Apk

– Character Customization: Will you focus on strength to crush your enemies, luck to improve the quality of the loot you find, or something else?

– Deadly Monsters: Take on skeleton hordes, blood-thirsty bats, poisonous spiders, undead ghouls, and some truly nasty bosses!

– Hidden Levels: Finding these secret levels is one thing, but beating them is something else altogether. Can you conquer them?

– Multiple Control Styles: Choose from two different control schemes to find the one that suits you best.

The full version of the game was purchased (after the first launch of the game, enter the GameClub profile).

ORC: Vengeance – Wicked Dungeon Crawler Mod Apk